PET flakes

PET Packaging are a great wasters. Thanks to a unique configuration of the processing line and the use of state-of-the-art technology, we process waste bottles into the so-called PET flakes in three base colours - blue, green and transparent.


PET - Poly(ethylene terephthalate) belongs to the group of linear polyesters with aromatic rings in their polymer chains. It is produced in the process of polycondensation of terephthalic acid with ethylene glycol.

PET is a semi-crystalline plastic featuring high strength and ductility, excellent machining properties, which ensures a wide range of applications.



  • high mechanical strength,
  • rigidity and hardness,
  • high strength also in high temperatures,
  • good ductility,
  • good glueability and weldability,
  • very high creep resistance,
  • low and constant coefficient of friction,
  • very high abrasion resistance (even higher than for polyamides),
  • very good dimensional stability,
  • excellent soiling resistance,
  • resistance to acids better than for PA and POM,
  • physiological inertness (PET products are approved for food contact),
  • high resistance to high-energy radiation (gamma and X-ray);
  • low impact resistance (lower than for polyamide and polyacetal),
  • very good electrical insulation properties,
  • good machining properties and polishability,
  • resistance to diluted acids, cleaning agents, numerous solvents.